Bernie Sanders won't get a pass from the media this time

He will have to explain his wishy-washy past on same sex marriage: Until 2009, he said it was a matter for the states to decide, and even told a reporter in 2006 that Vermont should not pursue it at all.

And he’ll need a better explanation, post-#MeToo, for his disturbing 70s-era essay about rape fantasies and what it means about his attitude towards women. (That is especially true in light of the allegations of sexual harassment at his campaign offices, the resulting $30,000 settlement and his initial cavalier response that he was too “busy” to intervene in the culture of misconduct at his operation.)

Nor will he be able tell his critics to lay off their critiques for the sake of unity, especially given that his supporters are already in full-blown attack mode tearing down other candidates.

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