Fellow progressives, we must stop Amy Klobuchar

I think she stands to lose. Bland ’90s centrism is not what most Democrats seem to want, even if the #NeverTrump conservatives who have been cautiously welcomed to our side tell us it is. And bland ’90s centrism is exactly what was on offer from Klobuchar at Monday’s town hall.

But for those of us who think the Democratic base has moved further to the left than its representatives in Congress, this primary is a fight we want to have.

Elections are usually much more about personality than policy, but with a crowded Democratic field and a slew of candidates who take the details of policy seriously, this contest could prove to be more about substance than optics.

Klobuchar is a worthy representative for moderates and a worthy foe for the more lefty among us. If she’s defeated from the left — and I believe she will be — it will be the confirmation and the mandate for true progress so many of us have been waiting for.

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