Tomi Lahren is Trump’s rightful heir

Interestingly, Tomi does not feud to win. In one respect, this is is lucky because she rarely comes out on top in these exchanges. (Even with the rappers.) But this, too, points to the deeper game she’s playing: While she’s not winning the argument, she’s winning news cycles. And those are even more valuable.

A lot of people seem to assume that Ivanka Trump will one day inherit her father’s kingdom. But I very much doubt that. Ivanka seems to spend most of her time trying to launder her personal brand with nebulous “women who work” initiatives. As if that’s what Trumpkins want.

Meanwhile, Tomi Lahren spends her time fighting with African-American celebrities and delighting in the mistreatment of immigrant children. She’s the daughter Trump always wanted and the true heir to his political dynasty.