Media’s "Jussie Smollett problem" is bigger than him, and it’s helping Trump

I strongly believe, as do the vast majority of conservatives, that the >allegations against Brett Kavanaugh were totally false and that the news media embarrassed themselves in that nightmare. You could make a strong argument that Smollett’s fraud further destroys the case against Kavanaugh because the entire argument on behalf of his primary accuser, Christine Ford, was that a prominent person would never tell a false story about being assaulted, especially not in such a public way.

The media also badly blew it in the “Covington Catholic” fiasco. Trump fans most definitely do not see it as a coincidence that in all three of these cases the news media clearly sided with the anti-Trump figures in the story and that, in all three situations, at least in the minds of “conservatives,” they were absolutely 100% wrong.

This loss of credibility has huge ramifications for the media’s ability to be taken seriously by Trump fans on nearly any other issue involving him. As I tweeted last night (to which I received a remarkably strong response), the news media, by lunging after these false anti-Trump narratives like spastic teenage boys with major impulse control issues, may even be unwittingly paving the path for his reelection.