Facebook bans Jussie wrongthink

A friend posted this on his Facebook account:

The link below on my wall is to Rod Dreher’s blog post that has been blocked by FB for “violating community standards,” if you can believe it. So, what I did was create a tiny url of it just to see how long it stays up. If FB blocks it, I am outta here, and I hope some of you will join me. The type of soft totalitarianism that this company employs in order to silence dissent runs counter to the underlying purpose of communication: to speak and learn the truth. That, of course, means that we may stumble once and a while, which is what I have done on occasion. However, as long as we welcome correction and issue it with charity to others, we all benefit. FB, by short-circuiting that process in the name of protecting a particular “narrative,” harms us all. Growth, whether spiritual or intellectual, sometimes requires that we hear and see things that not only challenge our cherished beliefs, but cause us real emotional pain. To try to purposely avoid such incidents is to advance the cause of ignorant docility. It is at bottom, paradoxically, inhumane.