California’s move to Super Tuesday hands Harris a big edge in 2020

California’s Super Tuesday primary is foundational to Harris’ plans to win the nomination. Her home-state advantage is an enormous asset, holding the promise of a huge haul of delegates early in the nomination fight. At the same time, a poor performance there could end her bid.

Well aware there’s no guarantee of success, Harris and her team of longtime operatives there started working the state long before many of her 2020 Democratic rivals arrived for their first fundraisers and retail campaign stops…

Some of Harris’ rivals or would-be rivals are trying to make inroads. Already, advisers to at least six campaigns or prospective candidates are talking with strategists with California campaign experience to gain insight into the delegate math, ballot-collection practices and early voting.

Joe Biden has the support of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and he’s been calling other California elected leaders and keeping donors informed of his thinking, according to two people in touch with his team. Bernie Sanders, who barnstormed the state in 2016 race, is close with activists, including current and former leaders of the influential nurse’s union. Other contenders have flown in for talks with donors and related meet-and-greet sessions, yet they seldom add public events to the schedule.

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