Klobuchar may be a bad boss. That shouldn’t disqualify her from the presidency.

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar announced her presidential candidacy in a driving snowstorm on Sunday, so driving that our president dubbed her a “Snowman(woman).” (The local news coverage described the scene as “a light but steady snow.”) Why, a fair-minded would-be Klobuchar voter might wonder, do our candidates not just announce their intentions inside? The presidency is almost entirely a job conducted indoors. The current officeholder spends almost all his time not just inside but unstructured. And when President Donald Trump does venture outside, it’s to golf, perform at rallies, or sit in a big truck and honk a horn. One could argue that the presidency and the attaining of it has never been more of an inside job.

But the senator used the speech to brand herself as hearty and resilient. “My family story is like so many of yours,” she said. “On both my mom and my dad’s side, they arrived in this country with nothing but a suitcase. But they made a home here. It was cold. OK, maybe not as cold as this.”