A "Veep" joke about leg-shaving was inspired by a rumor about Amy Klobuchar

When asked for comment, a representative for Klobuchar said the rumor was completely false and added, “This is ridiculous.”

Mandel explained that when he first took over as the program’s showrunner, he took some of the writing staff on a trip to D.C. for research purposes. Mandel says that he met with Klobuchar for lunch at the time and that she was “fantastic.” (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who plays the show’s lead, was also spotted having lunch with Klobuchar in the Senate Dining Room in 2015.)

The leg-shaving tidbit came up after that meeting. “Any time I brought her up [with people in D.C.], someone would tell us that story as a rumor,” Mandel noted.

“I sort of believe it is what it is: which, it is a rumor,” Mandel added. “It was such a good rumor we used it as a line.”