Take the deal, Mr. President

But — news flash — that’s the best they are going to get with Democrats in control of the House. Elections have consequences, as Democrats forced to deal with Trump on the border are painfully aware. That works both ways, though. Americans have voted for divided government (again), and that means both sides must compromise.

The alternative to the deal is another government shutdown, something no sentient conservative should want. Government shutdowns are always unpopular because the people rightly think they should not be punished because their leaders can’t work together. Trump’s job approval ratings predictably declined during the most recent shutdown and have only started to recover. Forcing a second shutdown over the wall will likely create deeper, and more lasting, political damage.

There’s also the political reality that the public does not want the wall, at least right now. No poll shows that a majority of voters support Trump’s vision. Forcing an unpopular shutdown over an unpopular wall is stupid politics.

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