"There are so few options that are less than $2,000 a person"

Married couples are making room for roommates.

Sometimes, multiple roommates. Just ask Kelsey Riley Dixon. The 29-year-old business owner and her husband, a semi-pro kayaker, share a four-bedroom home with three male roommates “to reduce costs in the very expensive city of Seattle,” she says. “It allows us to have a home in a really expensive city with a deck, a backyard, a basement — and we are able to pay half the rate that we would living on our own.”

One big motivation for having roommates: Having extra money to travel. The couple recently spent nine months in Chile, Peru, Australia and New Zealand. “We don’t want to spend that much money on rent. This [having roommates] aligns with our values. We’d rather use that money for travel,” she says. And she adds that not only does having roommates help financially, it’s also “fun and rewarding.”