Ilhan Omar is learning the wrong lesson from the Trump era

Because the real lesson of the Trump presidency is that everything matters — all those insults and vulgarities and rants and racisms, they’ve all piled up to produce the most unpopular and unsuccessful president in modern history. The sugar highs that Donald Trump gets from a cruel taunt or a racist jab haven’t translated into anything even imitating a functional presidency. He isn’t defying gravity, he’s doing exactly the opposite: He’s like a black hole of failure, pure gravitational collapse, an object so weighed down by darkness that nothing can escape. It all mattered.

No progressive, of course, says they want to emulate Trump, whom they rightly see as the embodiment of almost everything bad in the world. And Omar’s quick apology, which came after her words were denounced by Democratic leaders, shows how she and her party have yet to reach the heights of shamelessness currently on display in Trump Inc. But it’s easy to see where they’re taking the wrong lessons from the Trump era, and Omar’s bad Israel tweet is just one example.

Another was the bizarre — and very Trumpy — sight of an adviser to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explaining on live TV that lines from a Green New Deal fact sheet sent to reporters by her office were in fact from a kind of false-flag FAQ doctored up by her opponents to make her look bad.