Why I wear a MAGA hat these days (and I didn't start out as a Trump fan)


Because of what happened to Nicholas Sandmann – the high school junior who wore it at the March for Life and became the innocent target of a national media circus. Because babies can now be legally killed in New York up until the moment of birth. And because to celebrate this “victory for human rights,” the Catholic Governor of that state, Andrew Cuomo, had New York City’s iconic buildings lit up in pink, including One World Trade Center.

Think about that – a building created in remembrance of the horror and destruction and death of 9/11 was crudely lit up to celebrate an expanded legal “right” to end a life. Did Gov. Cuomo ever stop to consider that pregnant mothers and their pre-born children died together on September 11, 2001 and are now memorialized in a museum on that hallowed ground?