Who's protecting Bryan Singer?

Hearst splits its ownership of A&E Networks and ESPN with The Walt Disney Company, a relationship that’s reaped massive financial benefits for the mass media company. Hearst’s most lucrative sectors are those enmeshed with Disney, and Hearst CEO Steven Swartz has publicly lauded Disney boss Bob Iger, in no small part to cheer on Disney’s expansions, which have benefited the two. Singer and the film “Red Sonja,” which has vowed to keep the director on board even after the Atlantic story dropped, are being represented by PR agent Howard Bragman, a consultant for ABC News, which is of course owned by Disney.

So it’s possible that Disney’s simply in the tank for Singer. But the less conspiratorial possibility is more frightening.

For one thing, the producer of “Red Sonja,” Avi Lerner, has been accused of sexual harassment in the past and tried to shut down Terry Crews’ career after the actor sued his alleged assailant, Adam Venit.

And of course the guilty defend their own.