Poll: 56% say they definitely won't vote for Trump next year

When asked whom they would support today for the Democratic presidential nomination, 56 percent of self-identified Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents did not offer a name. No candidate received double-digit support, with former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) leading the pack…

A 56 percent majority of all Americans say they would “definitely not vote for him” should Trump become the Republican nominee, while 14 percent say they would consider voting for him and 28 percent would definitely vote for him. Majorities of independents (59 percent), women (64 percent) and suburbanites (56 percent) rule out supporting Trump for a second term.

Across six polls during President Barack Obama’s first term, between 41 percent and 46 percent said they would “definitely not vote for him.” That includes an October 2011 poll in which Obama’s approval rating sank to 42 percent, with disapproval at 54 percent. Obama won reelection in 2012 with 51 percent of the popular vote compared with Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s 47 percent.