Long term, how do we live with the sorts of people smearing Nick Sandmann?

How do you live with people who are happily willing to brand a man as a sexual predator with no evidence against him merely because it benefits them politically? When you reach a point where a large percentage of liberals are willing to ruin a man’s life work and brand him as a rapist, not because of their honest appraisal of his guilt or innocence, but because he’s in the wrong political party, how do you live with them?…

This is the world liberals are dragging us into with their myopic vision, unquenchable hatred for people who disagree with them, and their raging intolerance. Is this good for the country? No way. Will it produce a better America? No. Is it entirely possible that this sort of thinking could lead to increasing amounts of political violence? Absolutely, because you can’t live in harmony with people who think there’s no punishment too great for people who wear hats designed to support their political opponents. We keep hoping against hope that saner heads will eventually prevail on the Left, but so far voices of sanity are few and far between.

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