The indefensible morality of Andrew Cuomo

But Cuomo casts aside his supposed Catholic convictions with greater ease than he takes them up. This week, on the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, the governor signed into law the ghastly Reproductive Health Act (RHA). The legislation permits abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy — when children born prematurely are routinely able to survive outside the womb with careful tending — and it creates lenient exceptions essentially sanctioning elective abortion up to the moment of birth.

Cuomo’s dedication to “reproductive rights” allowed for the extinguishment of more than 82,000 unborn lives in his state in 2016 alone. About 2,000 of those unborn children were killed after 20 weeks of pregnancy, the threshold where advanced neonatal intensive care is just beginning to enable survival. Nearly 6,000 of those unborn children were killed in dilation and evacuation abortions, in which the fetus is, if it’s lucky, lethally injected before being cut apart and removed piece by piece from his or her mother.

This fallen son looks less like Saul and more like Judas — selling the innocent to save his political soul.

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