Another shutdown in three weeks? Only if Trump truly owns Republicans

You would think that the likes of McConnell, Johnson and Grassley, none of whom were among the six GOP defectors Thursday, would have made their distaste for another shutdown clear to the White House. Another shutdown, after all, would almost definitely just mimic the dynamics we saw toward the end of this one. There would still be no real prospect of success.

Of course, the reason the government shut down in the first place is because Trump needed to try to get leverage — any leverage — he could for his wall, which has very few prospects otherwise. Taking another shutdown off the table at the start of negotiations over the next three weeks gives Democrats even less reason to make concessions. They know they have less to fear politically if it happens again. So don’t expect Republicans to say there’s no chance of another shutdown, but I’d be surprised if they gave Trump berth to try it again.

Unless he truly insists upon it — and they are truly terrified of him.

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