I guess now I'll have to be happy with Trump doing only 90% of the stuff I wanted

We’ve been attacking for two years, racking up conservative triumphs you’ve never experienced unless you were one of us who was of age during the Reagan years. Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh – what other GOP president would have held course and made them happen? Trump’s remaking the courts and rebuilding our military. He gutted Obamacare and Obama’s regulations. He’s pulling us out of useless wars, useless agreements with Iran, and useless climate change scams. He’s got clarity on Israel, on the garbage mainstream media, and America’s useless elite.

Remember that in the days before the shutdown truce, we had won a huge victory over the garbage mainstream media by exposing their lies about the Covington kids and the drum-banging Frigidaireborne ranger. Buzzfeed first had its lies about the president exposed and then had to make massive lay-offs. HuffPo Opinion died. Even the SWAT raid on Roger Stone turned out to have zilch to do with collusion, as usual.

We’re winning, politically and culturally. Yeah, they’re fighting back, except that’s what opponents do, and opponents sometimes score. But if this was baseball, we and Trump would be batting .900, yet some of you can’t accept net success. It’s like some of you are only comfortable losing, but that’s not your fault. Thanks to the useless GOP establishment, you’re just used to losing.

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