“They are the same f--ing person. Think about it.”

A senior GOP source observing Ocasio-Cortez on Capitol Hill put it more bluntly: “They are the same f–ing person. Think about it.”

“She’s about the extremes of her party: free college, free health care, jobs for all. Trump is about being tough on borders and pro-life policies,” the source said. “They are the bases of their parties and the loudest voices of their parties.”

In a brief interview this week, AOC scoffed at the suggestion that she’s anything like Trump, a political outsider who muscled his way to the top of his party in 2016 with a slash-and-burn approach and harsh, anti-immigrant message that have fractured Republicans in Washington.

“I think it’s an unoriginal comparison. While we’re both popular on Twitter … and we’re plain spoken, that’s it,” Ocasio-Cortez told The Hill. “Aside from that, I think it’s an irresponsible comparison given the fact that he’s actively trying to assert mythology and hurt immigrants, and we’re trying to advance a progressive agenda, single-payer healthcare, and a living wage.”

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