Tulsi Gabbard: I don't regret meeting with Assad in 2017

“Looking back on that meeting, do you have any regrets?” Tapper asked.

“No, I think that it is, it continues to be very important for any leader in this country to be willing to meet with others, whether they be friends or adversaries or potential adversaries if we are serious about the pursuit of peace and securing our country,” Gabbard, who represents Hawaii, replied.

“You know, Jake, you — you often acknowledge and bring to the forefront the cost of war and our troops and who pays the price,” she continued. “And, as a veteran, you know I have been serving in the Army National Guard now for 15 years and continue to serve, served on two Middle East deployments. I have seen this cost of war firsthand, which is why I fight so hard for peace. And that’s the reality of the situation that we’re facing here.”

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