How the media convinces us we’re all outraged — even when no one cares

After an anonymous Twitter user posing as a hater posted video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doing a cute “Breakfast Club” dance on a rooftop while she was apparently still in college, Republicans were reported to be going bonkers.

Teen Vogue reported there was “conservative outrage” and the Times reported in a headline that the video “was meant as a smear” even though the underlying story gave zero evidence for this, since we don’t actually know who posted it, much less what his or her motive was. The story did not supply the name of even one American who didn’t like the video.

Ocasio-Cortez jumped on the media’s insistence that the Right had its panties in a wad with a new, brief dance video under the line, “I hear the GOP thinks women dancing are scandalous.” No one said that. She also told a reporter, “It is unsurprising to me that Republicans would think having fun should be disqualifying or illegal,” and no one said that either.

AOC’s Contemptkin Village is exactly what editors are looking for these days. If you can’t get a rise out of anyone important, just go on the Internet and find someone, somewhere, who expresses even the mildest disagreement. Then put “Fury,” “Anger” or “Uproar” in your headline.

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