Beware the furies, President Trump

With Pelosi and the legislative Spice Girls providing the contrast, with the ranks of House women depleted in the G.O.P. and with Steve King getting his comeuppance for racist comments, the Republicans look more than ever like a 1950s mahogany-paneled, smoke-filled, bourbon-and-branch-water party.

Suburban Republican women, who turned on Trump in the midterms, won’t be lured back by the news that thousands more migrant children had been separated from parents at the southern border and by images of the president beaming in to the annual march against a woman’s right to choose at the National Mall Friday. The vice president and his wife were on stage at the mall, and Karen Pence started a new job teaching art at a Virginia Christian school that is intolerant of L.G.B.T. students and L.G.B.T. parents.

Trump had no clue about how much harder his life would be with divided government. But his greatest shock will be that his election woke up the wrath of the Furies, who are unceasing until they get their man.

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