The Women's March has twisted feminism into toxic femininity

The Women’s March, its organizers, and those who uncritically support them are awash in toxic femininity.

If we’re going to talk about “toxic” masculinity, then we need to discuss its counterpart. Both masculinity and femininity are natural and necessary for the health of society. The men and women who reject the inherent and honorable qualities within each are the issues, not the attributes themselves. Treating men as almost the sole reason for the cultural breakdown, when women have also played a major part in the deterioration, is to ignore the problem.

We live in a post-Harvey Weinstein world where, thankfully, legitimate sexual harassment and abuse won’t be swept under the rug any longer. As society addresses issues that have been dismissed for far too long, it also must not give in to believing only one party is to blame. Femininity that rejects diversity, pins the onus on men, and gleefully embraces the destruction of life through abortion is just as destructive.

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