Poll: Most Republicans don’t want to see GOP criticism of Trump

The precise level to which Trump now dominates the GOP depends on which group you look at. The voters who backed him in 2016, perhaps unsurprisingly, are more uniformly loyal than the pool of Americans who identify either as Republicans or as Republican-leaning independents. But, in any case, it’s clear that Trump has consolidated the party broadly, if not universally, behind him.

A 61 percent majority of Trump voters consider it a bad thing for Republican members of Congress to openly criticize the president when they disagree with him. Just 9 percent say it’s a good thing for the party, with the other 30 percent neutral or unsure. That sentiment also finds support among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, albeit by a somewhat smaller margin ― 54 percent say it’s a bad thing and 14 percent that it’s a good thing.

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