What have the men ever done for us?

So it has come to the point in our collective failure of understanding, our self-inflicted mass ignorance and willful forgetting, that Gillette has made of itself a 21st-century People’s Front of Judea. What, demanded the PFJ leadership in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, have the Romans ever done for us?

A viral Gillette ad with approximately 40 gazillion views suggests males should feel guilt, shame, and sorrow for all of the bad things we’ve done. So what have the men ever done for us?

Well, the aqueduct, for a start. It was a guy thing, pretty much. Also, how about science? Mathematics? Virtually every great geographic discovery. Virtually every great architect has been a man, virtually every explorer, virtually every great composer. A man invented the printing press. Another, the steam engine. Another, the Internet. One man discovered the Beatles. Another, lesser man discovered electricity. Men designed most of the tools and vaccines and inventions. Men gave us rocket science, Rhapsody in Blue, and Anchorman.

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