Conservatives don't just need fighters -- they need winners

The partial government shutdown is about the enter its fourth week, and yet President Trump is no closer to getting his border wall funded. His supporters may be cheering on his willingness to fight Democrats, but what they should really be demanding more of are actual victories.

At the heart of Trump’s rise to the top of a crowded Republican field in 2016 was the belief among his supporters that he would fight for their priorities, that he wouldn’t be hindered by political correctness, and that he’d be willing to smash opponents.

A willingness to go to war for what you believe in is an important asset for a political leader, but what’s ultimately important is figuring out how to work within the system to actually achieve tangible policy goals.

There are far too many conservatives, unfortunately, who have for too long placed more emphasis on the fighting than the winning. A perfect example is on healthcare.

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