Pelosi challenges McConnell with shutdown plan

Pelosi’s plans put a new spotlight on McConnell, who along with other Senate Republicans believed that Trump would sign that short-term bill funding the government after meeting with Vice President Mike Pence. McConnell has largely withdrawn from the debate since then, succinctly taking to the floor after the shutdown began to declare the Senate won’t pass a spending bill that the president doesn’t support.

House Democrats intend to vote on the plan Thursday, the same day they officially take control of the House from Republicans. Pelosi did not confer with McConnell before making her move.

After the House passes the package, McConnell could then take up those bills and amend them and try and send them back to the House. He could also ignore them, or simply vote them down.

Democrats are hopeful there will be pressure from moderate Republicans to pass the package of non-DHS bills and isolate the shutdown to just the department tasked with patrolling the border.