The divine right of Democrats to drool

The explanation for this loss of the party’s soul to an unquenchable and wholly emotional desire to destroy Trump is captured in a one-sentence observation by Cicero with which Turley is certainly familiar: “Those who do not know history will forever remain children.” There is very little chance that the kindergartners of the Democratic resistance would recognize Turley’s allusion to the fabled “Days of Rage.” Nor do they grasp that their collective tantrum and lurch to the left is reminiscent of that which eventually produced the suicidal Democratic nomination of George McGovern and President Nixon’s 1972 landslide.

Thus, like so many angry children, nothing less than Donald Trump’s head on a platter will mollify them. It doesn’t matter to this bumptious brood that someone has to produce at least a plausible case proving his guilt of the “crimes and misdemeanors” without which no majority in the House of Representatives will try to impeach the President. This is what Alan Dershowitz, who leans farther to the left than Turley, has been trying to tell anyone who will listen, but that’s an ever shrinking audience in the media.