Why are there so many terrible ref calls this season?

Look, it’s indisputable that we had a couple of really, really, REALLY bad calls this past weekend. The Steelers got called for pass interference against the Saints on a ticky-tack play; if you’d tried to call pass interference on that in backyard football you’d be kicked off the field and told not to come back. Then there was Jadeveon Clowney nearly tearing Nick Foles’ head off in a facemasking that wasn’t called. In other words, one wrong call, one missed call. What the hell is wrong with the refs, huh?

Do the math. A couple hundred plays per game, 22 players on the field per play, committing multiple in-play acts apiece. That’s an awful lot of ground for your average seven-member official crew to handle, even factoring in an overhead video booth. Quite simply, they’re going to miss calls. And they’re going to get calls wrong.

It’s a chicken-and-egg situation. If you want fewer bad calls, you have to accept more reviews. And if you want fewer reviews, you have to accept that more bad calls will happen.

Unless, of course, we just add MORE refs to the field. A ref for every player! Let’s do it, NFL!