Mitch McConnell will decide Trump’s fte in 2019

As 2019 dawns, even more attention will turn to the man who holds Donald Trump’s political fate in his hands. But no, I don’t mean Robert Mueller.

Obviously, Mueller is an important figure. Perhaps soon, he will send his report up to the Justice Department. Though the department has no legal obligation to make it public, it seems close to impossible to me that a report of such clear first-order public concern can be kept under wraps. So one way or the other I expect we’ll know what he’s found.

Beyond that, he may issue more indictments. Not just of Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi, but of the president’s family members. Maybe even the president himself, although that seems unlikely (but not impossible, as some insist). I try to stay away from predictions these days, but given that we know that Mueller has hours of testimony from Michael Cohen, presumably hours more from longtime Trump Organization bagman Allen Weisselberg, and Trump’s tax returns, I’d expect some seriously interesting revelations.