Now, it's 'addiction evangelists!'

Discovery Institute Research Fellow (I am a Senior Fellow for the DI) Christopher F. Rufo has a blockbuster exposé in City Journal about the interconnected causes of Seattle’s homelessness catastrophe.

Rufo points his finger at four interconnected strains of cultural liberalism that enable the cancerous spread of squatter homeless tent encampments. From“Seattle Under Seige:”

“The real battle isn’t being waged in the tents, under the bridges, or in the corridors of City Hall but in the realm of ideas, where, for now, four ideological power centers frame Seattle’s homelessness debate. I’ll identify them as the socialists, the compassion brigades, the homeless-industrial complex, and the addiction evangelists. Together, they have dominated the local policy discussion, diverted hundreds of millions of dollars toward favored projects, and converted many well-intentioned voters to the politics of unlimited compassion.”