Trump the disrupter pivots back to Trumpism -- and the establishment freaks out

The Syria decision is debatable – I’ve got concerns – with respectable people on both sides (and a lot of idiots who just jumped onto the “stay forever” side only because Trump wants to leave). But there are two key facts to consider, facts our elite superiors always overlook.

The first is that America’s primary military threat today is no longer Muslim weirdos. They are still a threat, and we should still hunt them down, but the real threat is a high intensity conventional war with North Korea and/or China. We are not ready for one, and devoting our efforts to make the barbaric denizens of the desert into peaceful small “d” democrats is not helping us get ready for a land-sea-air-space-cyber battle against a real enemy that has real weapon systems. The thing we need to focus on now, after 17 years of capping Bedouin savages, is the coming war in the Pacific. And that war will be absolutely certain to come if our enemies see that we are not prepared to fight and win it.

The second big issue is that outside the Beltway, where the consensus is that we have to stay in Syria and Afghanistan forever without an articulable strategic objective because we just have to, people want these wars finished. Done. Over. Let the Dems become the Party of War. Throw us in that briar patch.