Weekly Standard staffers brace for end

The Weekly Standard’s publisher, MediaDC, has not sent out an official memo announcing the gathering, nor has editor-in-chief Stephen Hayes. But word has circulated among the staff, including from some managers, that they should be prepared to convene, the people familiar with the meeting said.

These people said executives from MediaDC and its parent company, Clarity Media Group, have not shared any updates with staff since the magazine’s owner said last week it was “exploring a number of possibilities” for the journal, which has stood out from its conservative peers by opposing President Donald Trump and his style of politics. The billionaire conservative donor Philip Anschutz, who owns Clarity Media, has also remained silent, leaving his employees without any sense of what might happen to their jobs.

“The assumption that everyone has is that something bad is going to happen on Friday,” one Weekly Standard writer said…

“Everyone is resigned to it probably being the worst-case scenario,” said another employee.