The terrible inevitability of a Chief of Staff Newt Gingrich

The bad news is that Gingrich’s presence in the West Wing would probably magnify every quality that already makes this administration seem like a circus: The backbiting, the made-for-television drama, the general insanity. The enduring picture of John Kelly’s White House tenure was the former Marine sitting off to the periphery of the president, looking exasperated and even ashamed. Gingrich is more likely to be photographed handing the president a box of matches and can of gasoline at the scene of a house fire.

The good news, if you find this president distasteful, is this: Gingrich’s last big political accomplishment came 25 years ago, when he helped Republicans take the majority in the House of Representatives. He has an instinct for politicking, but he’s not all that great at governing — remember, his speakership ended in disgrace after the Clinton impeachment. If you want the Trump administration to be ineffective, Gingrich might well be your man.

Gingrich once shut down government because he thought President Clinton snubbed him. Can you imagine any act more Trumpist?