Comey: If Trump weren’t president he would be in "serious jeopardy of being charged"

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace spoke with former FBI director Comey about the memo in an interview at the 92nd Street Y, and asked if Trump is now an “unindicted co-conspirator.”

“I don’t know,” Comey replied. “Not in the formal sense that he’s been named in an indictment… But if he’s not there, he’s certainly close given the language in the filing that the crimes were committed at his direction.”

Wallace asked what would happen if someone were implicated in the Cohen document in the way Trump was, but they were not the president.

“Well, that person would be in serious jeopardy of being charged,” Comey said. “Because the government wouldn’t make that sponsoring allegation if they weren’t seriously contemplating going forward with criminal charges.”