Kevin Hart is the offense archaeologists’ latest victim

It might come as a revelation to the morally and socially cocooned practitioners of PC that there exists such a thing as a traditionalist parent, a parent who dreams of their children being straight and getting married and having kids, but to the rest of us this is about as shocking as the sun coming up. People are morally varied, they have all sorts of opinions, they parent differently — who knew?

What’s worse is that Hart has previously explained — in those eight long years since his supposed ‘speechcrimes’ — that in some of those instances he was merely joking and in others he has changed his mind. He told Rolling Stone magazine in 2015 that his skit about not wanting his son to be gay was actually an attempt to mock ‘my own insecurities’. The joke is that ‘it has nothing to do with [my son], it’s about me’.

He has also said that he wouldn’t tell that joke today — ‘because when I said it, the times weren’t as sensitive as they are now’. So you’ve already won, PC police. Hart had already decreed, three years ago, that he would no longer joke about homosexuality because he knows there will be blowback. But none of that matters.