Trump leans on McConnell to vote on criminal justice reform

McConnell has told Trump several times that the Senate calendar is too cluttered in December to take up a bill that divides Republicans. Trump has privately advocated for McConnell to find room for it, but several Senate Republicans this week said McConnell has made no private indications the bill will come up over the next couple weeks.

A person familiar with the conversations between the two men said the president was using a light touch on the bill, but would call McConnell out if he felt the bill was drifting away.

“McConnell said if we’ve got 65 votes then he would allow the bill to get on the floor. And we’ve far exceeded that. And now the president is pushing the president to get the floor time,” the person said. “We need to figure out exactly how this fits in in the floor time. Until we can answer that question all the pressure in the world won’t make a difference. What [Trump has] done is he’s expressed very clearly to McConnell that he wants him to figure it out.”