Bernie supporters want the Beto 2020 talk to chill

Progressives, some frustrated with O’Rourke’s policy stances and what they see as an alarming rush to coalesce support for O’Rourke from establishment Democrats, have voiced those concerns over the last several days on Twitter, including under a #NeverBeto hashtag. This has picked up as O’Rourke has reportedly privately met with former president Barack Obama, and as a former Obama bundler said he’d fundraise for O’Rourke’s campaign if he decides to run. Dan Pfeiffer, a former Obama aide and a cohost of Pod Save America, recently laid out “The Case for Beto O’Rourke” on Crooked Media.

“It’s everything in the news. Beto’s meeting with Obama, all those people saying that he’s the next one. All those stories are coming out at the same time,” Melissa Byrne, a Sanders campaign alumnus, told BuzzFeed News…

“People are seeing this on their own. People seem to think that there’s some sort of group DM, group chat, or daily talking points being sent around to critique Beto,” Byrne told BuzzFeed News. “All we’re saying is, can we pause? Can we have a primary? Or can we look under the hood a little bit before saying he’s the choice?”