We won't do a deal on infrastructure without addressing climate change

One area where there’s an opportunity to do something on climate change is an infrastructure bill, since Trump has repeatedly named infrastructure as a potential area of compromise in the new Congress. Truthfully, infrastructure investment has been a priority for Democrats for decades. That’s why Democrats last year proposed a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill, which the president ignored. Our plan suggested bold new investments in clean energy and climate resiliency, one step on our path to a 100 percent clean-energy economy. And we could finance the bill entirely by reversing the worst giveaways in the Trump tax bill, those gifted to multinational corporations and the wealthiest of the wealthiest.

That’s why I’m sending a letter to President Trump that describes the kinds of policies Democrats expect in an infrastructure bill. For example, we should make massive investments in renewable-energy infrastructure, especially in exciting new technologies such as battery storage. We also must make our infrastructure more climate- resilient, particularly the electrical grid and our water and wastewater systems. Those items belong in any infrastructure bill — indeed they were all included in the Senate Democratic proposal last year — but we can and should go further.

We should provide permanent tax credits for clean-energy production and storage, electric vehicles, and energy- efficient homes.