The Dem establishment is trying very hard to make Beto 2020 happen

Robert Francis O’Rourke is a straight, white guy with well-connected parents and a wife whose daddy is a billionaire. He’s also an (almost former) three-term congressman with a DWI and failed music career under his belt. He somehow kindles fantasies in the minds of middle-aged liberals despite having the charisma of an airplane safety video, and the Democratic establishment wants you to believe that he’s the next Barack Obama.

Yes, a privileged white kid named Robert with a forgettable congressional record is supposed to take the place of the two-time Ivy League grad, self-made, first black president — who actually was able to win his Senate race.

Progressives are already angry with the memory of the Democratic Party actively shivving the inspiring and socialist Bernie Sanders in order to clear the field for the least trustworthy presidential candidate in history, only to lose to Donald Trump