When feminism is met with violence

There are also important connections between domestic violence and mass shooters that often go unnoticed. This was made clear yet again in the recent shooting at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital, where Dr. Tamara O’Neal was shot, allegedly by her ex-fiance, who killed three others before killing himself.

Overall, violence against women — particularly indigenous women, women of color, and trans women — remains a pressing issue. The Canadian Women’s Foundation reports that a woman is killed by a current or former partner every six days; in the U.S. that number drops to every three days, according to the Violence Policy Center.

And just as in the case of Lépine, we continue to see attempts to deny, downplay or just flat-out ignore the violence manifesting from this misogyny. Consider, for instance, an Alaskan judge’s approval of a plea deal that resulted in no jail time for a man who brutally assaulted an indigenous Alaskan woman. According to NPR, the woman was looking for a ride when her assaulter picked her up and drove her to a spot where he choked her until she was unconscious. Then he masturbated on her. The rationale for the plea deal? He was unlikely to reoffend.