Why "SNL" still can’t find its footing in the Trump era

In comedy, self-deprecation is a key byproduct of self-awareness. But there is virtually no serious self-deprecation in partisan politics, because self-deprecation cedes points to your opponent.

Dedicating “All I Want For Christmas Is You” to Mueller would be funny if it satirized the left’s feverish obsession with his investigation. The women seemed to poke fun at themselves a couple of times in the song, but the overall message was clearly sincere: Mueller is their last hope. They failed to see the humor in their own hyperbole, and instead came across as a mediocre DNC warm-up act.

Political partisanship runs on BS, and comedians are our most valuable BS detectors. “SNL” wouldn’t be funny as an avowedly pro-Trump show either. If the left can’t get a grip enough to at least wring some decent satire out of this bizarre era in our politics, it’ll be a missed opportunity of historic proportions.