The Republicans’ midwest "power grab"

The Wisconsin legislature could vote as soon as Tuesday to limit the ability of Tony Evers, the incoming Democratic governor, to run state agencies and intervene in litigation without approval from the Republican-controlled legislature. Evers defeated two-term incumbent Governor Scott Walker in a closely-fought election last month, ending years of one-party rule in Wisconsin. The proposals under consideration would also strip power from the incoming Democratic attorney general, Josh Kaul.

Evers vowed to fight the proposals, and Democrats were already raising the possibility of lawsuits challenging the legislation if it became law. “It clearly invalidates what the people of Wisconsin expected,” Evers, the state superintendent of schools, told reporters on Friday. “It is an embarrassment.”

Wisconsin Representative Mark Pocan told me on Monday that the GOP effort to knee-cap the incoming governor was “more becoming of a third-world country than the state of Wisconsin.”