Why I’d rather die alone than date online

Go ahead, google “online dating fatigue” and you’ll see a plethora of articles on how to handle not just the emotional stress of online dating, but also the time commitment. One woman talked about the importance of determining compatibility as soon as possible, especially when you have a busy schedule. “When I was juggling up to six different dates with six different men in a week, I learned that I had to be decisive,” she wrote.

Don’t get me wrong, dating should take time. If your purpose for dating is to find a spouse—one of the most important decisions you’ll make—the search should take time and effort. But those who experience online dating success are typically willing to go on a lot of mediocre blind dates in order to experience one good one. We are talking about scheduling coffees, dinners, and other weekend activities around an already busy life, and often to the detriment of current relationships with friends and family.

Let’s break down the time commitment: you have to build a profile, filter through matches, correspond for a few days to determine if this person says he or she is who he or she says, coordinate schedules, meet up for a blind date, then rinse and repeat. Remember, most are doing this with multiple people.