Here’s what Trump’s "Cult 45" refuses to understand about the Cohen revelations

Whenever there is a new “bombshell” in the Russia probe, it is always important to remember that, unless Trump’s base of political support starts to leave him, none of it really matters, except to those who are heading to prison. This goes for last week’s big news regarding President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen pleading guilty to having lied to Congress about the details of his boss’s dream of finally building a Trump Tower in Moscow.

The non-“state-run” news media immediately understood the potential significance of this development and acted accordingly. However, Trump’s core backers (“Cult 45” has I have referred to them for the past two years) have no clue why this news is even remotely important, and see it as yet another sign that their fearless leader has been right to refer to the Mueller investigation as a “witch hunt.”

Obviously there are those in the cult who would not care, or would not believe their own eyes and ears, if Trump announced live on national television that he indeed colluded with Russia because they have compromising information on him, and lied about it all along. Most of “Cult 45” likes to at least pretend, however, that there are solid reasons for their 100% support of Trump on virtually every possible topic, and they honestly seem to think that the Cohen news is another big nothing-burger, which is being overhyped by the “Fake News!” media.