Veganism could get the same legal protections as religion in Britain

On Monday, Casamitjana announced on a crowdfunding site to raise money for his legal action that his Employment Tribunal hearing had been set for March 13 and 14. The hearing will determine whether ethical veganism can be protected by the country’s discrimination legislation. A subsequent hearing would decide whether Casamitjana was discriminated against.

Both dietary vegans and ethical vegans eat a plant-based diet, but ethical veganism are defined by their exclusion of “all forms of animal exploitation and clothing,” Casamitjana, who has been an ethical vegan for 17 years, said. Ethical vegans don’t wear leather, avoid zoos and aquariums, and try to avoid animal-tested products.

Casamitjana’s law firm, Bindmans LLP, described the case as a “landmark” to CNN in a statement. “If successful, the case will protect ethical vegans from discrimination on the grounds of their belief,” the firm said.