Mueller’s targets are blowing up their deals. He’ll make them pay.

I concluded in January that Mueller would find that Trump obstructed justice, and since then Trump and his allies have engaged in increasingly aggressive behavior meant to undermine or obstruct the Mueller investigation. It has had some impact. Manafort is no longer cooperating, and Corsi has backed out of his plea deal with Mueller.

But Mueller will have an opportunity to respond. Mueller will “file a detailed sentencing submission” that “sets forth the nature of the defendant’s crimes and lies, including those after signing the plea agreement,” so the judge can consider them at sentencing. This sentencing submission could also detail the efforts of Manafort’s attorney to provide inside information about Mueller’s conversations with Manafort to the Trump team, which would reveal those activities to the public in detail.

Mueller can also proceed with charges against Corsi, and if he has enough evidence, Stone. Convictions of Corsi and Stone could persuade them to flip and tell Mueller what they know, which could help Mueller make charges against others or could spur Trump and his allies to take even more aggressive action to undermine Mueller’s investigation.