The Cohen guilty plea doesn’t get Mueller any closer to collusion

So what exactly is incriminating for Trump about Cohen’s plea? It establishes that Cohen lied, not Trump. According to Giuliani, Mueller didn’t even ask Trump in written form about the “timing” of his discussions with Cohen. So any inconsistencies on that score don’t appear to expose Trump to any impeachable material. The only reason Mueller even knew about the talks, says Giuliani, is that Trump’s legal team told him about them. “We have provided them with every document about this from the beginning — that’s the only reason they know about it,” he said.

It is not even clear if the talks about a Trump Tower in Moscow spilled over into the general election. According to Cohen, they ended in June before Trump was even certified as the nominee at a convention the media hyped as a possible impediment to his getting that certification. Trump’s explanation that he couldn’t give up his day job, since he didn’t know for certain if he would win the presidency, gave the cheap shot artists at CNN more material to opine wildly off. See, it was all a stunt! CNN trotted out one of the many scummy, opportunistic Trump biographers (all of whom seem to have cots in the green rooms of MSNBC and CNN) to push the non-sequitur that Trump’s maintenance of his business in early 2016 proved he “never” thought he would win. What juvenile dreck. At this late date, after two years of substantial accomplishments from the Trump administration, liberals are still recycling the lame talking point that Trump wasn’t “serious” about winning the White House. If he is such a clown, why do they spend almost every waking minute fulminating about him? For such an allegedly unserious person, they take him very seriously.