Why Trump can’t stop talking to the press

Whenever I’m stressed, I overeat. When circumstances overwhelm President Donald Trump’s psyche, he self-medicates by giving sit-down interviews with the press.

Setting aside the usual press gaggles, in the past six weeks Trump has given extensive interviews to the Associated Press, 60 Minutes, Politico, the Washington Post, the Daily Caller, Wall Street Journal, the Wall Street Journal again, Fox News Sunday, Fox & Friends, Sean Hannity, The Ingraham Angle, Fox Business News, Fox Business News again, New York magazine, the New York Post, and ABC News. And that’s just the short list. Trump displays no indication that he’s spoken his piece. In fact, he was deriving so much crisis-soothing pleasure from his 46-minute Oct. 11 phoner on Fox & Friends that co-host Steve Doocy finally had to give him the hook. “Go run the country,” he told Trump. If Doocy hadn’t thrown up that stop sign, Trump might have talked into the afternoon, through Shepard Smith’s program, and into the evening Fox line-up.

Lord knows Trump has a right to be frazzled. Robert Mueller, after all, is on his tail. The WikiLeaks connection is blowing up. General Motors is closing plants. A recession has been sighted on the horizon and the stock market is in the swirly.

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