As conditions worsen, some caravan migrants seek to go back home

About 200 migrants have filed for voluntary repatriation with Mexican authorities over the past two days in Tijuana, said a senior officer of Mexico’s migration agency. No such requests were made in the prior week.

A group of 105 migrants, most of them from Honduras, departed by plane from Tijuana’s airport on Tuesday, said Gerardo Elías García, head of Mexico’s migration agency.

Another group of 98 migrants are being deported to their home countries in buses, because they were among those who attempted to force their way across the border into the U.S., Mr. Garcia said Tuesday.

Petitions for asylum in Mexico have also rose this week, to 47 requests on Monday from an average of 15 to 20 petitions in previous days. Some 200 migrants have filed for asylum in Mexico over the past week, a person with knowledge of the filings said.

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